Personalized Animated Stories

These animated kids stories offer a unique experience for children to enjoy reading. Combining the elements of a movie with a book structure, it creates a personalized and immersive adventure. Children are the stars of the story, with their name and face used throughout. The animations and personalization help bring the tale to life, making it a fun and interactive way to read.

Best of all, these personalized stories are free, making it an affordable way to encourage children's love of reading.

*name* Saves The World
Your Child Saves The World

In this personalized space story, Your Child travels into space with a rocket to help Astra the astroid finding back his lost friends.

*name* and the Rainbow Unicorn
Your Child and the Rainbow Unicorn

In this personalized unicorn story, Your Child goes on an spectacular adventure with an unicorn.

*name*’s Mermaid Treasure
Your Child’s Mermaid Treasure

In this mermaid story, Your Child meets a mermaid at the beach, and goes on an underwater adventure.

*name*’s Dinosaur Adventure
Your Child’s Dinosaur Adventure

In this dinosaur story, Your Child goes on an adventure on the back of a dinosaur.